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Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

The Eagle Chamber is recognized as the business leadership arm of our world-class mountain town: 

  1. the go-to resource for business start-ups and existing businesses;
  2. a constructive voice in community affairs, influencing public policy and decisions that impact local business;
  3. a catalyst for business growth;
  4. a champion for a stronger community.
  5. collaborating with the Town of Eagle, Eagle County and other organizations in mutual support of our goals and success;
  6. honoring the historical heritage of the town of Eagle;
  7. working to attract the best and brightest to our town.

Our Mission

We take a leadership role in working for Eagle’s Economic Vitality in our town’s uniquely challenging environment.

We are a member organization, independently representing the Eagle business community and committed to:

  1. facilitating a robust, sustainable, favorable business climate in Eagle;
  2. engaging and representing our members, giving them a voice and empowering them to contribute value to the community;
  3. being a positive force for Eagle’s healthy growth and income diversity;
  4. providing appropriate education, support and resources for business success;
  5. attracting businesses to Eagle and encouraging the development of new business through the spirit of enterprise;
  6. helping individuals and businesses realize their full potential and follow their passion.

Principles & Guiding Values

In aspiring to our Vision and carrying out our Mission, while serving the business community, we:

  • strive to conduct ourselves in a manner that will merit the respect of members, business associates, and the public.
  • approach every task with energy, enthusiasm and commitment to excellence.
  • continue our work toward the goals and objectives of the Eagle Chamber in a manner consistent with our principles.

The Director's Circle

Visionary Community Leaders Elevating the Chamber to the Next Level

Executive Members